How to Find Fossilized Shark Teeth

From scuba diving, to sifting using a Shark Tooth Sifter, there are so many unique ways to hunt for these beautiful treasures!

Hunting along the Beach

When hunting along the beach, look for areas with black gravel. These are usually present in knee-waist deep water. You’ll want to visit during low tide if possible!

Take scoops in the shelly/gravely area known as the “drop zone”. Here, the shark teeth collect and are accessible.

Hunting for Shark Teeth in Venice, Florida

Shark Tooth Hunting FAQ’s

Why is Venice, Florida the Shark Tooth Capital?

There is an exposed Miocene-Pleistocene fossil formation located just offshore. Currents push teeth toward the local beaches.

How old are the shark teeth found in Venice, FL?

They are anywhere from 10,000 to 23.5 million years old (Pleistocene-Miocene). Specific species may be older or younger.

What tools should I use to hunt for shark teeth?

I highly recommend investing in a floating sifter and a shark tooth sifter. Both are available for purchase online at or in-stores at Shark Frenzy & Fossil Frenzy in Venice, Florida. These tools are designed specifically for shark tooth hunting, and they will be very useful!

Other than Venice, FL, where have fossilized shark teeth been found?

Fossilized shark teeth have been found worldwide, from the United States all the way to Morocco and Australia! Some common places to hunt for them in the United States include Florida, North/South Carolina, Georgia, California, Virginia, Maryland, and Kansas.